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Drop 2 jean sizes in just 8 weeks

East Texas women are trying a new way to drop some of those extra.

It's called the ‘Rock Your Jeans Challenge,' a competition that will help women drop two jean sizes in just eight weeks.

"Well I'm a 14 now so I purchased a size 10 pair of jeans," says Jennifer Frazier, participating in challenge.

Frazier says she is on a journey to a smaller, healthier version of herself.

"The last year I lost 50 pounds by working with personal trainers and just trying to do things on my own. But having a challenge like this really boosts up the effort and makes you want to work twice as hard just to get there," says Frazier.

The ‘Rock Your Jeans Challenge' was created by Reagan Harris. Harris says it is possible for women to lose two jean sizes in just eight weeks.

"The first four weeks we focus on behavioral habits. So we really talk about planning; how to plan your meals and your exercises every day. Then the last four weeks you do fitness challenges so they really get in there and see their growth as far as fitness," says Harris.

Through a private Facebook group page, the women are able to see each other's result, post pictures and encourage one another.

"Part of the success comes from that group dynamic that I mentioned. They motivate and inspire one another. Just last week one girl was saying she was discouraged and didn't think she could do this challenge anymore. Ten ladies posted to encourage her and now she's back on, posting pictures of her success," says Harris.

Success, for people like Frazier, is already showing. Frazier started the second week of the challenge and has already lost four inches.

"It seems like an unobtainable thing, to lose two jean sizes in eight weeks, but just seeing the results I had this week, I think it's completely obtainable and it's fun," says Frazier.

This 'Rock Your Jean Challenge' has already started and ends October 26th. However, Harris says she will be having another challenge once this one is over.

For more information about the challenge go to rockyourjeanstyler.com

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