Restaurants That Didn't Quite Make The Grade

Five Longview restaurants were hit with the most serious violations from the health department including Inter Chuzzy at 559 south Mobberly avenue. Ten violations were found in a June inspection, including cold foods at improper temperatures, coolers not functioning and keeping foods at proper temperatures and improperly protected and stored foods. They scored a C.

Inspected June 3rd, Joe's Pizza & Pasta Subs at 411 Spur 63 had eight violations. Cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures, foods were not stored and protected properly, and food prep areas were unsanitary.

"It is a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, pathogens and if we can eliminate that as a problem we can eliminate people getting sick," said Buck Farrar of the Environmental Health department. Joe's scored a B.

Grandy's at 3305 south Eastman road had seven violations in a May 25th inspection. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures and there were hygienic violations among employees. They scored a B.

Six violations were found in a May 25th inspection of the Colonade at 2400 Judson road. Food prep areas were unsanitary and sewage a wastewater was improperly disposed of. They scored a B. And Posado's at 110 Triple Creek road had five violations in a May 14th inspection. There were dirty food contact surfaces, and improper hand wash facilities for employees. They scored a B.

All restaurants reports are provided by the Longview Environmental Health department.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.