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Protecting the vulnerable

Tonight at 10, Lauren Callahan will have a new report on the big push to collect insect repellent for East Texas families that might have a hard time finding room for it in their tight budgets.  It's a really neat community outreach program.  Lauren will let you know how you can become involved.  This is especially important since the latest numbers show 2 more confirmed deaths from West Nile, here in our area.

You'll also have a new opportunity to throw on your cape and help local law enforcement agencies put some wanted fugitives behind bars.  Watch tonight at 10 and you'll see the new faces going up on the wanted board.

 Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto understands you may want nothing more than to hear him tell you to expect cooler temperatures for the rest of the week.  He's working on your new forecast.  Who knows?  Your wish may come true but you won't know what to expect from the weather where you live unless you catch the forecast at 10.

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