New Sport Takes Skiing To New Level

Lake Tyler was home to a new style of water sport this weekend. Riders went soaring above the lake, performing tricks and having fun doing a sport called hydrofoiling.

"The first time we saw it, it was on the Discovery Channel," said hydrofoiler Todd Kyser. "My Dad and I were watching TV. We saw Mike Murphy, the inventor, riding on some program on the Discovery Channel. We both have always been into water sports. We're out here living on Lake Tyler and just thought it was really neat."

Hydrofoil's Team Texas was on the lake, showing off their sport.

"It's just totally different," said Kyser. "It's a different feel, because you're not riding a board on top of the water, you are actually flying the wings through the water."

"You take everything you know about skiing and throw it out and start all over," said hydrofoiler Kody Moore. "It's completely different. It's sensitive, first of all. The least little bit of movement you do it reacts."

"A lot of people thing it's hard," added Kyser. "It's not really overly difficult. It just takes a lot of repetition."

Last weekend's Team Texas fly-in attracted almost fifty people from all over the south, all looking to have fun and learn a few things. They hope their weekend on the lake will get more people interested in hydrofoiling.

Reid Kerr reporting.