Hundreds Of Fish, Wildlife Die In Creek

Hundreds of fish and other wildlife are found dead in a Southwest Tyler creek.

Residents in three area neighborhoods say deadly pollution in the creek is a recurring problem. "Spring Creek" runs through Ashmore, Spring Creek Addition, and Hollytree, just southeast of Grande Blvd. and Old Jacksonville Hwy.

Members of Texas Parks & Wildlife were out at the scene today, where little, white fish could be seen floating in the creek. Residents and biologists say they've also seen dead crawfish, turtles, worms, and snakes.

Parks & Wildlife officials say they will test water samples and try to determine what killed the fish.

"The investigator with the Structural Pest Control Board came out yesterday and took soil samples around the slab," Greg Conley, a pollution biologist with the Kills and Spills Team, said. "There's a new slab that was going in. And also took a fish sample from the creek to be analyzed for pesticide application, for termite application."

Meanwhile, residents say they're worried about the safety of other living things.

"We're worried about the dogs, the kids in the neighborhood that get out, just the other wildlife," Mike Hardy, a homeowner who lives along the creek, said. "I mean, we've got a lot of squirrels and racoons out here."

Even if Parks & Wildlife finds out what's killing the fish, they say there's not much they can do to solve the problem because the creek runs through private property.

Julie Tam, reporting.