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Hunger Action Month kicks into high gear

The East Texas Food Bank kicked off its annual Hunger Action Month this week. It's a month long campaign with Feeding America and food banks across the nation to raise awareness about hunger.

The East Texas Food Bank will partner with various organizations to raise the food and financial donations needed as they move into their busiest season.

On Thursday, the Brookshire Grocery Company made a significant contribution by donating an entire truckload of food to the East Texas Food Bank.

Spokesman for the Brookshire Grocery Company, Sam Anderson said Hunger Action Month is a great way for people in the community to step up and help out those in need.

"We want to help those that maybe need a little assistance and feeding people is important to us at Brookshire Grocery Company," spokesman Sam Anderson said.  "We tried to give the East Texas Food Bank some items they normally don't get like milk, juice, fruit and items for the BackPack Program.  We are excited to help."

One family that benefited from a food pantry like the East Texas Food Bank is the Brown family of Whitehouse.

After the mother of three, Barbie Brown, broke her leg the family suddenly had to rely only on the income of father and high school history teacher Adam Brown.

Without that double income the browns were forced to choose between paying the bills and buying groceries.

"We decided at that point to put our faith in God. So we started using a food pantry and every week it was just enough. It wasn't what we always wanted to eat, but it was always food and we were very thankful for it," Adam Brown said.

The browns used their local food pantry for almost a year until Barbie was healed up and could go back to work. Since then they have decided to pay it forward by donating back to the food bank. 

"The conversation came up of where we need to put our money, who should we be helping, where should we be giving, we need to be giving more. The Whitehouse food pantry kind of just hit us and we now know that's where god wanted us to put our money," Adam Brown said.

"We see what God has set aside that we are supposed to just give and to bring it to them and see that it matters, it makes a difference. To bring my kids there and be able to show them in a very tangible way this makes a difference," Barbie said.

And the Brown kids have really seen the difference their blessing makes.

"It was really cool to go around and see what we do, what our money can do for other people. And I was just so surprised at what a little bit of money can do," Kaleb Brown said.

It is a lesson in giving back, the Browns say they will not soon forget. 

"We've been so blessed to be able to not only help out our church but also help out our community in some small way," Barbie Brown said.

For more information on the East Texas Food Bank and how you can get involved or donate, click here.

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