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Better East Texas: Navy SEAL book

By Pat Stacey

The last moments of Osama Bin Laden have been chronicled in a just released book written by a retired Navy SEAL who was on the mission to take out Bin Laden.  The book has drawn fire from Pentagon officials because, they say, it potentially compromises the safety of special operation servicemen and pulls the cover back on classified information.  I am all for this former Navy SEAL telling his story but at the right place and right time.  The book's publisher states that the author just wanted to tell his story and the story of those who risked their lives to take out the al Qaeda leader but there seems to be some other motives as well.  If the author really just wanted to tell the story, any of the major broadcast networks or cable outlets would have moved mountains to have the opportunity to have an interview with the author.  And, the author could have chosen to do the interview for free or give the complete proceeds for the interview to charity.  But when you put this story in book form, you make a decision to profit from the story.  Now, thankfully, the publisher has stated that they majority of the proceeds are going to charity but, still, the author will profit from his experience.  And the quest to make a buck form this is where the author disregards his oath of serving and protecting the United States. 

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