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Same sex marriage debated in the streets during DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Despite North Carolina's recent voter-approved ban on same sex marriage, the fight on both sides of the issue rages in the streets of uptown during the Democratic National Convention.

Advocates came from across the state, nation and the world.

Preacher Petar Keseljevic traveled to Charlotte from Norway to preach his belief in the Bible.

Keseljevic, 41, held a sign on the corner of Trade and Tryon Streets that read 'Homo sex is of the devil.'

"I'm here because I think God cares about this country and he judges nations that depart from the truth," said Keseljevic.

The fight against same sex marriage is not just an issue in the U.S. for Keseljevic. He has traveled to India, Africa and across Europe spreading his message.

He converted to Christianity in 1995.

Just down the street under a tent with a rainbow flag flying atop it stands 49-year-old Kevin Lynch.

Lynch, from Washington, D.C., is working for the Human Rights Campaign, a pro-LGBT organization.

"I respect everyone's opinion but there comes a point when hatred becomes attached to it," said Lynch, an N.C. State grad.

Despite the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina in May, Lynch is hopeful that the U.S. Supreme Court will address the issue once and for all in the coming years.

"We're all talking about it now," said Lynch, who said he knew he was gay at a young age. "I think the courts will figure out what's right."

Keseljevic hopes more states stand up for traditional marriage. When he heard of the ban on same sex marriage in North Carolina his response was simple. 

"Praise God."

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