Longview Golfer Shoots For Third Straight Long Drive Berth

He's one of the biggest hitters in the game of golf for his age, and he lives right here in East Texas. For Longview's Dillon Swain, the secret to hitting a golf ball a long way is simple.

"I just get up there and grip it and rip it," Swain said.

He rips it to the tune of 300 plus yards every time he swings. His longest drive in competition is 365 yards. That is better than 92% of the PGA Pro's longest drives this year. It all started when one of the pros at Alpine Target Golf Center saw him crushing the ball one day.

"It was about two years ago and he said why don't you just come out here and try it," said Swain. "I came out here and tried it. I won. I went to Dallas and won there and then I went to the long drive nationals and got fifth two years in a row."

But the stakes are now raised for Dillon. The junior division was 17 and under. The 18-year-old must now try to qualify with the best of the best. The UT-Tyler bound golfer has set a goal of qualifying for regionals in Dallas, then go from there.

"The guy that won it last year hit it 402 yards," said Swain, "so I got a couple of months to beef up I guess."

Kevin Berns reporting.