Suspected Thief Caught Hitting Surveillance Camera

A local man was caught on camera trying to steal a trailer from outside a Tyler store.

It happened last week at Al H. Horaney's Feed Store on Old Jacksonville Hwy.

On the surveillance tape, you can see the suspect walking around the trailer with a jacket over his head. You can see the crow bar in his hand. He then proceeds to hit the surveillance camera, but ends up showing it a close-up of his face.

The store's owner later learned the suspect had sold the trailer to a relative. But Al Horaney's name on the trailer gave it away.

"One of my suppliers realized that my trailer was at a relative of his house," Horaney said. "He called me and asked me, and I told him yes. And that's how we got it back."

Police ended up arresting Christopher Steven Rozell of Tyler for the crime. He was originally stopped for a traffic violation. Police say Rozell was also wanted on other burglaries.

Julie Tam, reporting.