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TN teen accused of pimping kids will face judge Friday

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) - She calls herself Prune the Goon, or just Prune, but federal investigators believe 19-year-old Victoria Wallace is a female pimp. And Friday, she will face a federal judge on accusations that she has been sex trafficking Mid-South children.

Investigators said in a criminal complaint that Wallace recruited teenagers as young as 15 years old to engage in prostitution. They say she acted as their pimp on many different occasions.

Kim Benson who runs a group called Bridge of Hope, a group that tries to get people out of human trafficking situations, said female pimps are not that unusual. Benson even admits that she was sold by a female pimp years ago.

"Women can relate to other women on a level men cannot," Benson said.

One teenager told investigators Prune promised to buy her school supplies if she had sex for money. The teen said Prune never gave her any money. That same victim also said Prune threatened to physically assault her when she said she did not want to have sex for money.

Another victim said Prune took three teenagers to New Orleans. And yet another teenager told investigators she had sex with truckers and gave the money to Prune.

It appears Victoria Wallace knew the feds were trying to make a case against her, because according to federal documents, Wallace came to the home of 18-year-old Ronika Dendy three times and threatened her, saying she knew she was the target of a human trafficking investigation.

Federal investigators said Wallace is also a member of a female gang called the Piru Street gang.

Wallace's family did not want to talk on camera, but they did say they are surprised by the allegations against her.

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