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The Diner's brisket omelet

Brisket omelet:


4 oz. ladle of eggs

1 TBLS. margarine

2oz of Bell Pepper

2oz of Onions

4oz of Cooked Brisket

2oz of Cheese

1 grilled tomato


10-inch skillet


#9 oval plate


  1. Put margarine in 10 inch skillet.
  2. Saute bell peppers and onions.
  3. Add cooked brisket to skillet.
  4. Add 4oz of liquid eggs.
  5. When edges of eggs are cooked, lift to drain more egg. Cook till dry.
  6. Flip egg and add cheese.
  7. Slide out of skillet and fold over into plate.
  8. Place grilled tomato on top.
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