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Incident at Rusk Co. school under investigation


An East Texas junior high student is in the hospital after he was stabbed Thursday afternoon by a fellow student, who was described as a friend of the victim. The boys went to school at West Rusk junior high in New London. West Rusk officials say one 13 year old student attacked another from behind during Thursdays lunch hour.

"He pulled a knife out of his pocket and stabbed at him in the back area" said West Rusk ISD superintendent Tommy Alexander.

Classmates and faculty separated the two.

"His family took him to the hospital," Alexander.

Family members of the victim say the school did not call an ambulance.

"If a child is physically stabbed with something I believe the police and ems are the first to be called. The school nurse actually called his mother a told her he'd been punctured with a pencil. The nurse should have contacted EMS , end of discussion," said the victims aunt, Sonya Hribal.

"This is just an isolated incident, these boys were good friends supposedly," Alexander said.

The family says the boy had a serious injury when he was taken to a Tyler hospital.

"He did enter the hospital with a punctured plural cavity, it causes bleeding into the lung cavity, partially collapsed lung," Sonya says.

Relatives of the 13 year old victim are angry at the school district for what they feel is a nonchalant handling of the whole incident. A written release from the school to parents said there was an incident , and the situation was under control. Relatives say school officials tried classify the boys wound as superficial. Not so says Alexander.

"Anybody that insinuates that doesn't know what their talking about, I don't think we could have handled anything any better," he says.

The child was hospitalized in Tyler and released Friday.
The attacker was taken into custody by police and remanded to juvenile authorities.

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