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Better East Texas: Bullying

By Pat Stacey

Kids are finally back in school and with that annual trek back to education comes the return of a chronic issue in our schools and among our children and that is the issue of bullying.  This time of year is a stressful time that all kids will establish their reputation and persona in their classes.  And it is a time the bullies will emerge and students will be harassed and threatened and some will be injured.  We have to be aggressive as parents and know who is communicating with our kids and who our kids are communicating with.  There are some hard questions that must asked and we might not like the answers.  For every victim of a bully, there is also a bully.  Bullying creates a distracted learning environment and takes away the quality of life from the students affected.  Estimates state that one in seven children are victims of bullying and many become bullies themselves as a method of retaliation.  It is a cycle that can only be stopped with parental and teacher invention.  And it really leans more towards parents than teachers.  Social media has allowed cyber bullying to blossom and parents must not sit idle waiting for something to happen.  So get with your children, talk to them but also know what they are into and how they interact with others.  It will break the cycle of bullying and make for a Better East Texas.

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