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How Isaac affects you

Tonight at 10, you can hear from the grandmother of the 2 year-old found dead in his family's septic tank.  Jake Kimbley's grandmother talked with KLTV 7 about Jake's death.  She talks openly about who she feels knows what happened to Jake.  It's an interview you'll want to see. 

We're continuing to track Hurricane Isaac for you.  We have crews staying on top of every possible angle that could affect you.  Tonight at 10, in a new report, we'll let you know how many evacuees have checked into the Red Cross shelter set up at Saint Louis Baptist Church.  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is keeping an eye on the storm's aftermath.  He'll let you how its landfall will affect the weather where you live.

Our sports guys also have the latest on how Isaac is affecting the world of sports.  They're also going to take you behind the scenes of this week's game of the week.  You'll see what's at stake as John Tyler meets Lufkin on the gridiron.


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