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Shelters in ETX prepared for evacuees ahead of the storm


As evacuees head north to escape the storm, The Red Cross is already prepared to take in some of them here in East Texas.

Only one shelter has been set up so far, because there hasn't been much of a turn out. But volunteers are still standing by.


The shelter at Saint Louis Baptist Church has been open for about twenty four hours, still just waiting for people in need of a safe place to stay.

But volunteers here say they'll stay prepared to accommodates evacuees until The Red Cross gives them the "go-ahead" to break the shelter down.

Rows of cots are waiting and a pot of coffee is being kept hot
as Red Cross volunteers wait to provide evacuees the disaster relief they're known for.

"We're set up just incase they come and we've provided shelter," says volunteer James Thompson, "And it depends on how long they stay, but we serve hot food you know and we got showers for them."

On Tuesday night, Isaac's wind speeds continued to increase...prompting evacuation orders.

On, we've hosted a live stream of traffic in Baton Rouge. There were long lines of cars where heading out of those areas expected to be hit by the storm.

"People who don't have motels or relatives, they can drive in," says Thompson, "We have signs out front."

Letting people know Saint Louis Baptist Church is a safe and clean place families can stay while they wait out the storm.

The shelter is set up to support a maximum of 150 evaucuees.

While right now, that doesn't seem to be a problem, The Red Cross says they are prepared to open up another shelter once this one becomes about half full.

Until then, it's just a waiting game.

Now there are a few rules for people who do decide they're going to stay here: No pets, alcohol, weapons or illegal drugs are allowed on the property.

The Red Cross also asks that children not be left unattended and that you keep your valuables with you at all times.

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