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WEB EX: Humane society accepts evacuated animals

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Issac's path has prompted a mass evacuation of humane society animals in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Greater Birmingham Humane Society Executive Director Jacque Meyer received a call Sunday asking for help from the Humane Society of Southern Mississippi in Gulfport after a mandatory evacuation was announced.

"These shelters need to be evacuated and emptied so that if there are animals left behind they can start putting them in there," said Meyer.

The dogs were loaded up in a transport vehicle and brought in Monday morning. Filling up the shelter in a short amount of time and stretching staff thin.

"We've pulled in all of our volunteers and all that we can," said Meyer.

Even though space is tight and staff is short-handed, Meyer said they're not taking any chances with this storm.

"We learned the hard way from Katrina. I hate to keep bringing that up, but we moved 528 animals during Katrina and we had to learn the hard way," said Meyer.

Anna Reynolds heard about the rescue dogs while dropping food off at the shelter. After hearing the shelter needs volunteers she plans on helping with the overflow of rescues. And they'll need all the help they can get.

Because the move can often be rough on animals, the rescues will stay at this shelter until they are adopted out.

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