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The question on everyone's mind: What is Isaac going to do?

Good Monday afternoon, everyone! I hope you've been blessed by rain today, as we were in downtown Tyler.

Here's some of what we're working on in the KLTV newsroom today:

Tropical Storm Isaac is on many people's minds; people along the Gulf Coast are stocking up on supplies, as Isaac prepares to make landfall in the next few days. Forecasters say tomorrow will  bring the first of the rain and high winds. KLTV's Taylor Hemness will give us the latest on what's expected along the coast, and of course, we'll check in with Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto to see what, if any, effect Isaac will have on East Texas.

As of this afternoon, fifteen ETX counties have reported cases of West Nile virus, and one person has died in Gregg County. KLTV's Lauren Callahan will join us live from the NETX Public Health District in Tyler to give us updated numbers; join us for that at 5.

On the web, we've posted a story many of you may find helpful; it's called How the Apple patent victory over Samsung will affect Android users.  Check it out on our website by clicking here.

At 6 we'll update you on the case of Jake Kimbley, the toddler who was found dead in the septic tank behind his house. Our Melanie Torre will explain why his autopsy report is taking so long to be released.

And we'll tell you the sentence that was handed down to Sharon Maxwell, the woman found guilty of murdering her husband and burning his body in his truck, and we'll share the story of yet another convenience story robbery. All that at 6.

And if you'd like to help us help a great cause, The Salvation Army Angel tree, click here to vote for Mama Steph's "Angel of a Sandwich" that's in the Sizzlin' Sandwich Showdown at FRESH by Brookshires. All you have to do is CLICK right here to go to the voting page. Easy! Thanks! 

We'll see you soon! Don't forget to join us on your computer for the live stream if you're not near a tv; we stream at 5, 6, and 10!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer



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