Free Movie Nights In Hughes Springs

On Friday and Saturday nights in Hughes Springs just before sundown, the towns people begin to filter out of their homes and come to Spring Creek park. Every Friday and Saturday the city treats residents to free movies.

"We had the land we had the resources and it just seemed like a no brainer to provide something like this which is unique unusual and people enjoy," according to Hughes Springs City Manger George Fite.

"We've got popcorn sodawater, and its just like old times, my wifes daughter made chocolate cookies you better have one, ooooh there good," says resident Bill Hankins.

A 30 by 30 foot screen was purchased and old movies are rented in an effort to help residents meet and have fun. Cartoons open the showing and for many its a welcome throwback.

"All of us have been enjoying it and you're going to enjoy it too, are you gonna stay and watch it?" says Hankins.

A slice of small town America, like Mayberry, and that's appropriate because this weekend was a Don Knotts festival.

"I thought back to the time when my kids were growing up and we'd go to the drive in theatre and pop a big sack of popcorn for them and put them in their pajamas," says resident Penny Hankins.

Old and young love the charm of the small town event. "Its great cause I don't have an allowance so its for free," says 13 year old Katie Smith. No questionable movies, all "G" rated, and for a couple of hours every Friday and Saturday night in Hughes Springs life slows down.

Bob Hallmark reporting.