Scottish Rite Golf For Kids

A group of East Texas children with physical disabilities and debilitating injuries were given a special day at a Longview golf course. They want to run and play like all other kids, but the special children are patients who suffer physical challenges and debilitating injuries. To give them a sense of doing normal childhood things, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital treated them to a day of golf.

"We have seen that golf is a sport that kids can play and play for a lifetime," says organizer Kelly Hosch of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children. 17 children took the day to learn the basics of driving, chipping and putting. For some like Joseph Khader, doing normal kid activies is difficult. At 11 he's already had 6 hip operations.

"It is a little bit difficult, my running and squatting and all that," says Joseph. Many just enjoyed the opportunity to forget their medical problems and be just like anyone else for a day.

"Its just more fun to play outside that stay inside and watch TV," says 9 year old Amber Jones of Canton. Golf pros worked with the kids on technique and organizers say that golf has a bonuses elsewhere with the kids.

They've had to grow up quickly in a world where they spend much of their attention on medical treatment.   But for at least one day they could focus on just having fun and being kids.

"I can be a regular kid, not stay in the house and just sit their in the house," says Jones.

Bob Hallmark reporting.