Lotto Sales Surge As Jackpot Reaches Record High

Stores all across the State were flooded with customers Saturday as millions of people rushed to purchase their chance at the States biggest jackpot in history.

Lottery officials reported more than 12,000 tickets were being sold across the State each minute.  In East Texas stores were seeing a steady flow of folks coming in to buy tickets.  The increased interest in the game is just what lottery officials were after when they changed the game last year.

Now players must match five random numbers and one bonus ball number.  The change pushed the odds up from 1 in 25 million to 1 in 47 million.  Despite the odds, many East Texans were dreaming of how they would spend the winnings.

"I don't even think about it until I here people saying it's up in the 40's or 50's and they talk about how big it is and that's when I think maybe I ought to go grab one and put a few numbers on it," John Acker said.

"I know I'd probably buy the normal thing like houses and cars and things like that, but I'd think I'd give some of the money to charities," Dana Lewis said.

The last big winner in the "Lotto Texas" Jackpot was in February.  The payout then was $70 million.

Chris Gibson, reporting