East Texans Hope To Hit $100 Million Jackpot

It's the biggest jackpot in Texas Lotto history. Saturday's Lotto Texas Jackpot is $100 million.  In Tyler, one by one East Texans filed into the Kidd Jones at Broadway and Amherst, all hoping to grab the winning numbers.
  Some thought one ticket was all it would take to make them a multi-millionaire. Others upped their chances by buying 5 tickets, or 10, some even 100.
  "Our normal sales are, I'd say about $900, something like that on a slow day," said store manager Barbara Reed. "It's been like 12 or15 hundred every day."
  Customers who had never played lotto before were willing to take a gamble.  "Well the fact that the money amount being so high," said ticket buyer Gary Jackson, "I usually don't buy them but when it gets this amount like this, it's worth it."
  Customers poured in to try their hand at the lottery. The question remains, if the winning ticket is sold in Tyler, what would someone do with all that money?
  "I've pondered that question alot," said Steve Dumas. "Probably go shopping, take a vacation, my church would benefit from it and of course my children would definitely benefit from it."
  With only a 1 in 47 million chance, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to strike it rich. That hasn't stopped East Texans from imagining "What if?"  Mary Humphries knows what she would do.  "Get my kids off my back, buy me a house and a new car and then enjoy the summer."
  If you select the cash option, you can expect to receive about $48 million total. If you select the payment option you will recieve about $75 million over 25 years.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com