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Microscopic tests and studies to be conducted on toddler's body

Jake Kimbley. (Source: Smith County Sheriff's Office) Jake Kimbley. (Source: Smith County Sheriff's Office)

As the investigation into Jake Kimbley's death continues, the preliminary autopsy report is returning few answers.

That report came back Thursday afternoon, as "pending." That's according to the Smith County Justice of the Peace Mitch Shamburger who pronounced Jake dead Wednesday morning.

According to Shamburger, the autopsy was conducted Thursday morning, but it was not conclusive. That means it's still not clear what the toddler's cause or manner of death is.

Now, the pathologist will conduct more microscopic tests and studies on the body. Those studies will take more time, but will hopefully yield more information.

It's been two days since Jake Kimbley was reported missing, just one day since his home was declared a crime scene.

At this point, District Attorney Matt Bingham says the Kimbley parents are not being named suspects, nor are they being ruled out.

"They're people that we're looking at in the on-going investigation, but I certainly don't want people to draw the conclusion," says Bingham, "That they did do it or that they didn't do it. That's what the evidence is for."

Right now the case is being treated as a homicide until authorities can say for sure that what happened to Jake was an accident.

Bingham says, "We're going to treat it has a homicide case and a capital murder investigation until the evidence leads us either that way or the evidence shows it was accidental."

The autopsy results are what will hopefully bring those answers, shedding light on Jake's cause and manner of death.

"The investigation is in the very, very early stages. The crime scene has not been released," Bingham explained,"We're in the process of gathering evidence and waiting on certain evidence."

While the investigation plays out, Jake's five siblings have been put in the custody of Child Protective Services.

"The family of the child took the remaining children, the living children, to an individual to stay with this individual who was just released from jail yesterday. And that was one reason that concerns us," Bingham explained.

In the state's motion, they also expressed concerns about the childrens' living conditions, citing a severe roach infestation and potentially hazardous exposed wiring.

The Kimbley's attorney Reeve Jackson says the Kimbley's are fully cooperating with law enforcement.

There was a large number of East Texans who volunteered to help find Jake Tuesday night, and the family is extremely grateful for that. But, out of that, a lot of unsubstantiated, unverified statements and rumors made it out through some media.

The Kimbley's attorney addressed those rumors on Thursday. Jackson says, specifically, any reports as to inappropriate behavior on their part during the search for their son, are entirely false.

Jackson also said Thursday that Jake's father was at work at the time Jake was reported missing.

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