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Kimbley family attorney addresses 'gossip'

Reeve Jackson. (Source: The Jackson Law Firm) Reeve Jackson. (Source: The Jackson Law Firm)
Jake Kimbley (Source: Smith County Sheriff's Office) Jake Kimbley (Source: Smith County Sheriff's Office)

KLTV just spoke with Reeve Jackson, who is representing Sabrina Kimbley.

Regarding statements from other media about Jake's dad kicking him in a hole, Jackson confirms the father was at work when the child was reported missing. He also says there is no 8 year old in the family. There is a 9 year old. This is consistent with what law enforcement working on this case have told KLTV.

Regarding Sabrina's alleged confession, Jackson said Sabrina did have conversations with law enforcement before he became involved with the case so he cannot say what was said between the mother and officials because he does not know.

He said Sabrina is cooperating with law enforcement.

He also says he's "working on a release" to clear those things up to other media shortly.

The following statement was released on behalf of the Kimbley family, via The Jackson Law Firm:

We appreciate those members of the media who are taking a deliberative approach to this developing tragedy.  There is no greater loss to a parent or to a community than the death of one of its children and the Kimbley family is grateful for the prayers and support that so many have offered. 

While it is unfortunate to have to do so during this trying time, circumstances have developed that necessitate a response from the Kimbley family.  Specifically, any reports as to inappropriate behavior on their part during the search for their son are entirely false.  The tears they have cried, and continue to cry, are as real as they are plentiful.  During the investigation the family cooperated with law enforcement and wanted nothing more than to see the safe return of their son.

At this time, the Kimbley family remains committed to working to see a just outcome for their son and the reuniting of their family under happier circumstances.    

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