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Major events in case of toddler's death

We're continuing to gather information on several stories that have captivated East Texas.  We're staying in contact with investigators working on the case of the toddler found dead in his family's septic tank.  We're still in the Winona area talking with folks affected by Jake Kimbley's death.  Lauren Callahan will have a new report that helps you understand what happened and what's next for the investigation and also for the other children who lived in the Kimbley home, now that they are in Child Protective Services custody.

We're also continuing to research the local efforts to stop the spread of West Nile virus.  Click here for the latest information.  We'll have a new,  in-depth report at 10.

You'll also see our coverage of the trial prosecutors hope will prove a local woman killed, then burned her 10th husband.  Jena Johnson spent the day at Sharon Maxwell's murder trial.  Tonight at 10, she has a new report on the testimony given today.  She's going to give you a chance to hear the first interview investigators did with Maxwell after they found her husband in a burned out truck. 

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