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Trial underway for woman accused of killing 10th husband



Testimony is underway in the trial of a woman accused of shooting and burning her tenth husband. 

Sharon Maxwell , 44, is charged with the 2011 murder of Gordon Maxwell in Ore City. 

Investigators found Gordon's body and the alleged murder weapon inside a burning truck outside the home. 

In Wednesday's testimony, prosecutors played the interview between detectives and Sharon just a few hours after her husband was discovered murdered. 

In the interview, Sharon's heard telling authorities she was inside their home when she heard a loud explosion, and found the truck in flames. 

"I called out for him. I called out for my husband," she said.

In the video, she told police her husband was in the truck working to fix a fuse when it suddenly caught fire. Prosecutors say she told also told authorities that there were boxes of bullets in the truck that also exploded.

A detective testified that as the interview went on, it was apparent Sharon was lying. 

"She was taking a long time to respond to our questions, like she was thinking about the answers," said the detective.

Prosecutors asked a forensic expert to demonstrate to the court how Sharon allegedly made a conscious decision to pull the revolver's hammer back to fire multiple rounds into her husband's head. 

A detective who interviewed Sharon testified she had no emotion or tears during the questioning. Wednesday afternoon, Sharon sat still, looking straight ahead. 

Prosecutors say Sharon Maxwell was trying to collect a $175,000 insurance policy on her husband, Gordon. They say they believe that was the motive in the murder.

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