Former Reagan Appointee Shares Stories Of The 40th President

For Marshall Attorney Sam Moseley, the passing of former President Ronald Reagan is a tragic loss.  Moseley was appointed as part of Reagan's second administration as Regional Administrator of Housing and Urban development.

"We were there to do a job and he was there to do a job but he enjoyed it, and he helped us to enjoy it," Moseley says. Moseley remembers a warm and funny President, and discounts reports that Reagan's administration was stuffy and that he was unapproachable.

"He was always so comfortable and made you feel so comfortable, he would ask about family and how you liked your job," he says. Moseley remembers a strong President who had enormous demands upon his time, which often gave the perception that he was unfriendly.  He says that was totally undeserved.

"There's no way the President can see all the people who want to see him or be friends with so many people. I think its hard to make any lasting friendships, all of us who worked for him feel like he was our friend," Moseley says.

He remembers the little things now, about his personal conversations with the President, and how he will remember them.

"When you would talk with Ronald Reagan, he would listen.  It was just a pleasure, a real once in a lifetime experience," Moseley says.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.