Fearless Bullfighter At Gladewater Rodeo

Talent from all over the world has converged on Gladewater for the 67th Annual Round Up Rodeo. Among those, the bullfighter who's part entertainer, part rescue worker and previously known as a rodeo clown.

"I've had 13 concussions, broke my leg in two places and had my knee operated on," says bullfighter Cory Walls. The rodeo bullfighter intentionally puts his life in jeopardy in front of 2,000 pounds of angry beef. Walls says he loves it.

"(I've) broken my collarbone, fractured my sternum, cracked my skull, punctured my eardrum, I've been an athlete all my life. (I've participated in) wrestling, football, track, and I rode bulls and watched bullfighters and said, 'Man, that looks like something I can do,'" Walls says.

His main objective is to totally occupy the attention of the bull when a rider is down and vulnerable. With more than 15 years at it, he's paid the price. His signature move is a 40 inch vertical leap over on a rushing bull, and stepping on the animal's back on the way over. His fearless approach has impressed organizers.

"With his quickness and size, Cory Wall has world champion written all over him. It's just a matter of time," says rodeo vice president Brent Abernathy.

"The bulls, when they buck the guy off now we've got to go to work for the rider, getting him to safety and sometimes that means taking a shot for the guy," says Walls. At 35, he says he's got a lot of rodeo left in him, but sometimes he takes a little longer to get out of bed in the morning.

"Ruptured my Achilles tendon, broken my hands, dislocated both my elbows at the same time, the bottom line is when it becomes where its not fun and it's not a job, I can do something else," Walls says.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.