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Prayers for children

Tonight at 10, we'll have a new report on the prayer service held for the 5 children who died in a wreck on I-20 yesterday. Lauren Callahan attended the service. She talked with the folks who poured into Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Marshall to show their concern. You'll hear from them.

We're also continuing to stay on top of the investigation into what caused the wreck to be so deadly. We've been talking with the Department of Public Safety about what could be next for the driver of the SUV that carried 12 people in a vehicle designed to safely carry 7.

We also continue to gather information to help you make sense of the West Nile scare. We don't want you to worry unnecessarily but we also want you to have the information you need to protect yourself and your family. That includes a special Does it Work report. Tonight at 10, you'll see a review of the Bug Off bracelet. It promises to keep bugs away.

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