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Insurance company schedules to meet with victims of construction nightmare

Last week, Texas Department of Transportation hired Big Creek Construction to lay a seal coat on Tyler's West Loop 323.

However, early Friday morning, we are told the rain washed it away, causing gravel and tar to stick to East Texans' vehicles. On Friday, nearby parking lots were full of cars too damaged to drive. 

"It's very, very, very, very frustrating," said Jadenise Jones.

Jones was forced to pull off the road during Friday's construction mess.

"Big Creek came and they towed my car off to their construction site and they cleaned my tires. I still have tar right here on my tires; my rims are all scratched up. I had tar, it was oozing off the side of my car. Here is where they attempted to clean it off; the paint has been stripped," Jones said as she pointed out the damages on her silver mustang. 

Another victim, Joe Martinez, said Jones is far from alone.

"When I went to the parking lot over at TJC, I noticed about 25 or 30 cars (with the) same problem," Martinez said.

Three days have passed and Martinez's tires are still covered in tar and gravel. A local shop estimates about $700 worth of damage.

 TexDOT officials said the company they contracted out, Big Creek Construction, is responsible for the damage.

 They sent us this statement:

"Since the event on Friday, we have been fully engaged in working to remediate the conditions on the loop and working with the public to address their concerns. Having received approximately fifty claims for the incident, we have turned those claims over to our insurance company, which has in turn been working as quickly as possible to address the damage reports."

"It's an inconvenience for me to have to worry about rides right now while my car is sitting here waiting for the tires. The insurance company told me that it wouldn't be till the end of the week before they can see if they're liable for this," Martinez said. 

The Hartford insurance company said they are working through the claims process, but would not give us an estimated completion date. 

The Better Business Bureau said Big Creek Construction is not accredited, but they do not have any complaints on record at this time. 

On Friday, victims told KLTV Big Creek Construction's insurance company told them they would assess their vehicles August 25-26. 

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