Former Reagan Administration Employee Remembers The President

Ken Dupuy of Longview worked under President Reagan's administration. Ken began his work in Washington in the Department of Interior under President Johnson.  He later worked with four other Presidents.

Ken Dupuy first met Ronald Reagan when he was Governor of California.

"He was extremely cooperative. He was extremely energetic, enthusiastic," says Ken.

Ken says there was already excitement surrounding the then Governor.  It was just a few years later, he discovered why. He said President Reagan ran the administration with an open door policy. "Reagan was available to you. If you had a major problem or major issue that needed his attention you were able to do just that," says Ken.

But Ken says President Reagan's greatest strength was his refusal to compromise on his beliefs and to stand firm until he won. That was especially true when it came to putting an end to Communism. "When he walked away from his first visit in Iceland with Gorbachev. That he could've made some minor concessions. But he was firm in his convictions that he could win total victory. That's what I think made him stand out probably and above any of these other gentlemen that had the honor to serve as president."

Ken says his reaction to the news of the president's death was mixed with both sadness and relief. He believes President Reagan will always be remembered for the strength he used to change the world.

"He served this country. He served the world. He served them very well."

Amy Tatum, reporting.