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To spray or not to spray

We continue our work to give you all of the information you need to understand the West Nile scare. Dallas county is set to start spraying for mosquitoes tonight. So many people asked questions about whether that type of spraying is safe and if it's something we might have to deal with here in East Texas that we decided to send a reporter to cover what's happening in Dallas. Lauren Callahan will join us live at 10 with a new report on what's happening in Dallas county tonight and what it could mean for us here.

Standing water is the battle ground for defeating mosquitoes. Health officials have been telling us to make sure we have none around our homes. That may be more of a concern in the next few days. Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto says there's a good chance a good bit of rain may fall. He'll give you more details when he explains your new forecast at 10.

Tonight at 10, we have a new Restaurant Report.  If eating out in Longview or Smith county is part of your weekend plans, you'll want to watch.  The report will contain information that could help you decide where you want to go.

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