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Don't panic over West Nile Virus; we've got the information you need

Good Thursday afternoon, everyone! We hope you're having a good day and making big plans for the upcoming (and not quite as hot) weekend.

Here's some of what we're working on for you today:

The Centers for Disease Control says this year's outbreak of West Nile Virus is more widespread nationwide than they've ever seen before. They say that across the U.S. at least 693 cases have been reported so far this year. KLTV's Melanie Torre has been following West Nile and will be with us live at 5 to update with info from the Regional Director for State Health Services.

Then, our Lauren Callahan will join us live from Dallas where she's exploring the benefits of aerial mosquito spraying, and will tell us why there are detractors who are trying to get aerial spraying stopped in the Dallas area.

And Shaley Sanders will tell us about her meeting with an expert to show us a proactive approach to ridding your property  of these disease-carrying bugs, which will lessen your chance of catching the virus.

Last but not least, KLTV's MedTeam Dr. Ed Dominguez is one of the top experts in the state of infectious diseases. He travels all over the world giving lectures and was featured on ABC World News last night because he is treating a patient with West Nile Virus. He'll join us tonight to discuss aerial spraying for mosquitos, and whether the chemicals in the spray are safe.

That's all at 5!

At 6, we'll speak with the owner of Gresham Veterinary Hospital, Will Hadden, to discuss the occurrence of West Nile Virus in pets and other animals, and how you can protect your own.

Samantha Jordan spoke to a mosquito expert today, as well, who will share with you a little about mosquito behaviors and why the insects may be hanging around your home and property. Make sure to tune in for tips.


In other news, the accused murderer of a Van Zandt couple, Peter and Latricia Shick, is back in East Texas this afternoon. He was caught in Tennessee and extradited back to Texas, and is in the custody of the Van Zandt County sheriff now. More at 6.


And this weekend is tax-free weekend in East Texas, and retailers are having huge sales to get you into their stores to spend your cash. We grabbed a couple of teenagers and took them shopping at a few resale shops in ETX, to see if they could find a few outfits for less that stand up to their fashionable, Seventeen-magazine standards. Click here to see how it all worked out!

Make sure to join us for all this and more tonight at 5 and 6 on KLTV7 and

We'll see you then!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer

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