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ETX college trains for active shooter situation


Tyler Junior College is working with the FBI to train campus officers in emergency situations, which they are calling, "Active shooter training."

The training was scheduled months ago, but falls just after the tragic shooting at Texas A&M. 

This is the first time FBI officers have assisted TJC campus police in active shooter training scenarios on campus. 

On Wednesday morning, students were evacuated from a residence hall so police could train for hours.

The FBI would not allow video or photos of their training inside the residence hall because they do not want any of their tactics reveled, however after they completed their exercises, TJC's chief of police show KLTV what exactly officers used. 

A modified assault rifle and a 9mm were both modified to shoot rounds similar to real bullets, but made of a soapy, paint substance. 

"The agent that I asked to do this training, he's a former member of the Hostage Rescue Team of Quantico, Virginia. He's a former SWAT team member and a former Marine; very tactfully sound," said Brent Chambers who serves as the Supervisor Special Agent with the FBI.

"It's part of our duties to make sure we train with the best practices available to professional police standards. We make sure we have a safe campus for multi types of hazards that may happen on a college campus," said TJC's chief of police Randy Melton.

Melton said the college has several methods of reaching students, faculty and staff to alert them of a true emergency on campus. 

He said the active shooter training is something he hopes to continue every month.

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