East Texas Athlete Hopes To Vault To Olympics

After more than a dozen years as a pole vaulter, Adam Kuel knows his way down the runway.

"I started doing it in my backyard," said Kuel, "and my Dad built me a little pole vault pit back there out of mattresses and I was running down the runway, just dirt with a piece of conduit, and you just get going doing that stuff and it just gets in your blood. It's kind of like the rodeo"

Now, Adam may be vaulting in Athens, Greece. The former John Tyler Lion has qualified for the Olympic trials, and is one step closer to a dream.

"I remember watching pole vault on TV during the '88 Olympics," said Kuel, "and going, man, that looks like fun, and I said when I was a little kid that I was going to go to the Olympics someday in something."

Back in East Texas between meets, Adam spends his days working out, getting ready, refining his sport.

"It's being out here, working hard, traveling, having fun, getting mentally ready," said Kuel. "and when you get on the runway, it's just kind of like pushing play."

So Adam continues his workouts, hoping to push himself over that bar and right into the Olympics.

Reid Kerr reporting.