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Miracle colt survives multiple surgeries

At 4 months old , Reno is a healthy strong colt on the Baton farm in Kilgore. But only a month ago his chances of survival were slim.

"He had a lot of problems and this was uncharted territory," says Reno's owner Jody Baton.

At two months old, Reno had major brain surgery to remove bone shards, he had a ruptured bladder and kidney failure. And had to have surgery to repair his bladder as well.

"So they had to lay him down , split him open like a jig-saw puzzle. I saw several other horses that came in, a whole lot healthier with better odds than Reno. I sat there with them while they cried and left so they could put their horses to sleep," Baton says.

Baton wouldn't give up on him, believing the little colt would come through.

"I never doubted it for one second," she says.

He was at Texas A&M for 31 days for recovery. The bond between Baton and Reno is strong, and Baton says the little horse is proof that there's always hope, and he's given others hope.

"I've actually had a lady from A&M-Bryan College Station call me and she was in tears and said hearing Reno's story gives me hope for my grandchild," says Baton.

The price tag for Reno's care was around $30,000. Texas A&M did not charge the family for the surgeries on Reno.

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