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Storms damage Longview neighborhood


A brief but violent storm roared through Longview Thursday night, downing power lines, snapping trees and even tearing part of the roof off a hotel. Most of the damage was on Longview's east side. Around 9 p.m. Thursday night , residents off Delia Road say the wind began to roar like a freight train.

"Very strong winds, but then, to my amazement, the wind continued to intensify. It got stronger and stronger so I ducked back in the house. I've never seen anything like that," said homeowner Dr. Lynn New.

Trees and power lines were toppled in seconds. Off highway 31, part of the roof of the Contessa Inn was torn off.

"As I was coming through the neighborhood I didn't realize it was as bad as it was. I thought it was isolated to this area but then I noticed the loop; there was power lines down," said homeowner Mitchell Hunt.

Homeowners say the whole thing lasted only 30 seconds but it was very powerful. Gregg County Sheriff's Deputy Jon Thompson was at home with his wife when a huge tree came crashing through his roof.

"We've been 31 years here. I was at the kitchen sink the wife was in the shower and it picked up and picked up, I heard this horrendous thud. It turned out to be that big tree. It was such a thud, I've never experienced anything like that and I wasn't certain that we'd been hit buy a tornado," Thompson says.

They've been through it before, and will overcome it again. No one was injured from any of the storm damage. As of 6 p.m., 1200 homes were still without power in Longview.

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