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Stand Strong for Tyler statement regarding commissioners court local option decision

From Stand Strong for Tyler:

County Commissioners Court Refuses to Place Local Option Decision on Agenda to Consider Numerous Issues Stand Strong Has Identified That Disqualify the Beer and Wine Issue from the Ballot?

Stand Strong for Tyler, using copies of the marked petitions that the Elections Administrator used to tally verified signatures, they obtained through a public information request, identified significant lapses in applying State Law that resulted in her verifying hundreds of signatures that should have been disqualified, and would result in the petitions being disqualified from the ballot because they do not meet the minimum qualified signature requirement as mandated in 501.032 of the Texas Election Code. These lapses include the failure to disqualify more than 200 duplicate and triplicate signatures, failure to disqualify more than 120 people who no longer live in JP 2, 6 Signers who registered after the issuance date of the petitions, 138 individuals who did not include their birthdate or provided an incorrect birthdate with their signature.

There are numerous other lapses, but using the election administrators own verified signature number of 6,966 and deducting these lapses alone reduce the qualified signature total to 6,502 which is 77 less than the minimum required to place the issue on the ballot. " I do not understand the reluctance of the Commissioners Court to discuss this issue fully and publicly - and make a decision that is based on State Law and what it requires" stated Stand Strong for Tyler Chair Dr. Mike Daniels. " All we have wanted from the beginning is a fair, transparent and legal process of evaluating these petitions before an election was called and the process thusfar has not met any of those expectations". " I would personally like to know why the court rushed to their initial judgment without fully evaluating the findings our analysis of the signatures on the petition produced which clearly indicate that the petition is significantly short of the signatures necessary to be placed on the ballot." Stated Billy Horton of Stand Strong for Tyler. "It is also disconcerting that despite a public information request for all of the original petitions which Ms. Nelson marked so that we could evaluate how she arrived at her verified signature count and confirm that she excluded duplicates, people who have moved, deceased signers and other – we still have not received a full and correct copy as requested. It is just as disconcerting to learn that of the petition copies we have received

In our latest request which is missing at least 325 pages we have now discovered that 38 pages were excluded from the copies of petitions that were provided on July 6 as part of our original Public Information Request and that those 38 pages that were not included in what the country represented as a full and complete copy of the petitions do not possess the date of issuance. I would like to know when and how these 38 copies now appear in the official representation of the copies the County is presenting as their copy?" continued Mr. Horton. "

It is beyond my understanding that the County Commissioners Court would not want to fully investigate and discuss these issues before they place such an important item on the ballot, I am forever hopeful that they will realize this issue needs more clarity and discuss it at their August 14th meeting which is the last meeting in which it can be discussed and removed from the ballot if it is determined that it should be, but it cannot be discussed if the Judge or Commissioners refuse to place the issue on the County Court Agenda which must be done 72 hours before the meeting on Tuesday".

"Stand Strong for Tyler has numerous members that live in both the City of Tyler and JP2 and we feel as though our concerns as citizens of these political sub-divisions are being ignored which is highly discouraging and I hope that Judge Baker and the Commissioners Court will revisit this issue before t is too late" concluded Dr. Daniels

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