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ETX double murder suspect captured in Tennessee; awaits possible extradition

Donny Lee Greenhow, the murder suspect Donny Lee Greenhow, the murder suspect
Peter and LaTricia Shick Peter and LaTricia Shick

The search for a double murder suspect has come to an end.

Donny Lee Greenhow has been taken into custody in Tennessee.

Greenhow is accused of murdering two people in Van Zandt County. According to Sheriff Steve Sanders with Lauderdale county, he came to Tipton County to kill his father.

Sanders says they spotted Greenhow Thursday night around 11:30 p.m. in some kudzu up the street from the command post off 87. He was seen stocking his back pack with food and drinks.

The sheriff asked his deputy to stand down until back up got there, but by the time they arrived, Greenhow vanished.

"If he came here to shoot his daddy, he won't hesitate to shoot one of my deputies and I won't take that chance, Amy," Sheriff Sanders said.

The sheriff also says deputies were on school buses this morning and will be this afternoon in case Greenhow tried to get on a bus.

This man was considered armed and extremely dangerous. The deputy who spotted him Wednesday night saw the suspect with at least two weapons, a long gun and a pistol.

Greenhow, 32, is wanted for the double murder of a Texas Couple found dead last week. We are told that Greenhow and the couple were friends.

Investigators say he has likely been in the area for more than one week.

He was discovered in West Tennessee after he left his I.D. on the counter at a gas station while filling up his tank in Ripley, Tennessee.

"We didn't have a clue until he came over here and dropped his I.D. and run it and that's when we got the hit him being wanted," said Sanders.

A search was launched along Highway 87 in Lauderdale County Thursday after Greenhow was spotted at a Walmart along Highway 51.

Investigators spent Wednesday evening searching a heavily wooded area in Lauderdale County. The suspect was spotted in the woods by deputies Thursday morning near his truck. And when Greenhow saw them, he took off.

Corey Stewart says she came across Greenhow one week ago while fishing. She says she had no idea the man she was talking to was wanted for murder.

"He acted fine nonchalant 'How's your fishing? Caught any fish?' I said, 'No, did you? Did you catch any fish?' And he said 'No,'" Stewart said.

Greenhow, wearing camouflage, was fishing under the Hatchie bridge near Covington.

"After I seen the picture I realized it was really scary and I had my kid with me," Stewart said.

"The Lauderdale County deputies actually drove up on the suspect in the bottoms down here and fled from the vehicle and we got a search going in the woods now," U.S. Marshal Jeff Holt said.

News of Greenhow's final capture was a welcome relief to Van Zandt County Sheriff Pat Burnett.

"Everybody loses sleep hoping that we were looking for a ghost down here and hoping that he'd went someone else and still nobody get hurt," he said.

Sheriff Burnett said the search took longer than expected but he always knew Greenhow would be caught.

"You can run, but you can't hide. With his looks and apparent lack of intelligence, he was going to get caught. It just took a little time, and of course we knew there was a great possibility of him going toward Tennessee and he did and they were ready for him," Sheriff Burnett added.

Van Zandt County District Attorney Chris Martin tells KLTV he has DA investigator and Texas Ranger in Tennessee right now conducting interviews. Initial reports are that Greenhow is being cooperative. Law enforcement has seized a weapon they believe was Greenhow's weapon because the shell caliber matches that of the bullets that caused Peter and Latricia Schick's death.

"We're optimistic and hopeful that is the murder weapon," Martin says.

"Once Greenhow is processed on the arrest warrant there in Lauderdale County, then our investigator and Texas Ranger have intentions to interview him. Of course he can refuse to interview until he has council," says Martin.

Regardless of whether or not Greenhow interviews, the next process is bringing him back to Texas.

"He can agree to be brought back or he can oppose. If he opposes, we may  have to extradite him. If he fights extradition, my office will initiate contact with the Texas Governor's office and seek to obtain a governor's warrant to send to the Governor of Tennessee," Martin says. "That [governor's warrant] shouldn't be problem. Usually there is cooperation between states," Martin says.

However it could be several days to a week until Greenhow is brought back to Texas if he fights extradition.

Van Zandt County will be prosecuting him for capital murder, however he could also face less severe charges like unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and theft.

"Once Mr. Greenhow gets back here, be it through cooperation or through a Governor's warrant, he'll be confined in the Van Zandt County jail on a $1 Million bond."

Presenting the case to the Grand Jury would likely be done in a week or so. There is more evidence the DA's office says they'd like to get back before presenting their case to a Grand Jury.

We are working to learn more about Greenhow's capture. Check back with for the latest information on this developing story.

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