American Inn May Be Forced To Shut Down

Tyler police say a long list of criminal activity has taken place inside and outside the walls of American Inn.

"Hit-and-run, stolen vehicles," Officer Royce Jordan, who has been investigating the incidents, said. "We're including delivery of controlled substances, possession of controlled substances, burglaries, auto burglaries, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, prostitution. We've had a homicide out there. Robberies, all sorts of assaults."

In fact, just in the last three weeks, police say there have been 10 cases of crack-cocaine delivery, involving seven suspects.

The name of the motel has changed, and so have the owners. But over the past two decades, Tyler police say the crime has not gone down.

The owner of American Inn, B.D. Patel, declined to talk on camera, but he did give us this statement: "I don't know who's a criminal or who's a prostitute. They should give us a list of the people."

"It's your place," Jordan said. "You have a log-in. You need to keep up with this documentation. When activities take place out in the open like that, the request was that you let us know about this."

American Inn does have a security camera, but police say they're doubtful management is monitoring the video for suspicious people.

Meanwhile, the Texas Attorney General's office is reviewing police records to determine if legal action needs to be taken. If the Attorney General's office issues an order for American Inn to comply, and the owner doesn't, the court will decide whether or not to shut down the motel.

Julie Tam, reporting.