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Tyler's newest millionaire

We have all been asked, "What would you do with a million dollars?" Most of us change the answer all the time. Well, one East Texan has to come up with an answer and stick with it since he scratched his way to a million.

Ricky Henderson is a former plumber who is Tyler's newest millionaire.

Ricky Henderson likes to think he makes his own luck. He has several stores on his daily route, and one of them is D & N Grocery. He takes a close look at the big tickets, and buys what he thinks looks good, but first he has to wait his turn.

"So these guys right here, are they doing it right?" I asked Ricky.

"No, they don't do it right. They don't do it the way I do," he replied. "Like number 39, if it's close to the end."

"That might be a good one?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's a good one to get, because it's kind of like the middle row." Ricky said pointing at the dwindling ticket roll.

"Are you listening to this?" I asked a random customer at the counter

"Yes, I just bought a 37," she said.

"Oh, you did?" Ricky wondered aloud.

"If you buy a little ticket you'll win a little money. If you buy a big ticket you'll win big money," Ricky advised. "See, like right there that number 16, it hit around that number like 16 or 14 and 15, you know."

Actually, I don't know, but he does and it worked for him last weekend when he scratched for a million dollars, and it seems to keep working.

"I've been pretty lucky, I won $500 last night," Ricky revealed.

He thinks it's bad luck to scratch at the store, so he takes his brand new Beemer home. It's good luck for his family to stay quiet while he scratches.

"Seventeen and seventeen, I hit on that. I broke even," Ricky observed.

On his second ticket he…

"Just won $70 on that one," Ricky said.

Only twenty dollars up this trip, but the day is young, and Ricky loves his work.

Ricky plans on buying his mother a home, and one for himself while he's at it, and has already started talking with an investment banker.

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