East Texas Girl Stars On ABC Sitcom

The sit-com "Hope and Faith", starring Kelly Rippa and Faith Ford, has turned out to be a big hit for ABC.

One of the reasons for the show's popularity is the role of "Haley", played by an eleven year old east Texas girl.

"On the script, it just says "Macy and Edwin share a sweet kiss." This has been a year of firsts for Macy Cruthird.  Her first television series "Hope and Faith", after being cast in two series that never got off the ground, and her first TV kiss.

"We did our first kiss that we had ever done on Tuesday and then by Friday, it was just kind of like "dude, okay, we're ready, let's go, okay he leaves," says Macy.

In addition to her first kiss, one script featured Macy's character "Haley" with a big crush on guest star Kevin Sorbo.

Guest stars have been abundant in "Hope and Faith" stories.  "I've gotten to meet several soap stars. I got to meet Susan Lucci. I got to meet Kevin Sorbo, Robert Wagner played my grandfather. Linda carter, Jennie McCarthy, Tony Curtis," says Macy.

But even more fun for Macy than meeting the stars, was her very first walk on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards, in very high heels.

"That was fun.  I was so glad I didn't fall on my face.  It was so fun because you got up there and there were people clapping for you. It was like these people are clapping for me, the people want to take a picture of me.  That's cool."

Cool for Macy's mother Cindy as well.   "It was amazing, hearing that pop, pop, pop of the cameras and everyone going 'Macy, Macy, over here, over here.' It was so impressive.  I mean she just stood there and did her turn. I was blown away, it was wonderful," says Cindy.

Wonderful too was Macy's eleventh birthday party thrown by the cast of "Hope and Faith"

"That was the best birthday that any girl could ever possibly imagine. All of a sudden I hear 'happy birthday' and they start singing and this huge cake and they brought me this huge card and it was massive and the whole cast had signed it and they gave me gifts and it was so fun," says Macy.

"I've been very blessed to work with such great people and they've taught me a lot of things and I'm so lucky that it's so great.  I'm really blessed," says Macy.

Recently Macy was cast in a Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp. You can imagine her disappointment when her "Hope and Faith" schedule prevented her from taking the role. She says ABC really tried to work it out so she could take the role, but the timing just didn't work. However, Macy is looking forward to movie roles in the future.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.