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Better East Texas: Chick-fil-A

By Pat Stacey:

By now you have probably heard of the boycott threat against fast food giant Chick-fil-A because of the company president's comments about supporting the traditional model for marriage.  Dan Cathy, the son of Chick-fil-A founder S-Truett Cathy expressed his personal views and acknowledged that his company supports the traditional model for marriage as being between a man and woman as opposed to supporting same sex marriage.  Immediately, a firestorm of protest erupted.  So now it seems we have dividing lines in our country as a result of corporate philosophy.  Now Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against any one, they just support a traditional marriage model – and they are being boycotted by some groups as a result.  As a country we continue down the road of dividing and not debating.  And once divided, pride often stands in the way of re-union.  The knee jerk reaction by some to instantly label companies like Chick-fil-A as villains because their ownership expresses a philosophy is tearing at the fabric of civility and once something like this goes viral and is spread through social media, it really can't be reversed.  Chick-fil-A also has a policy of being closed on Sunday to allow their employees to go to church – if they choose.  You get the feeling that soon even that practice will come under attack.  Mr. Cathy took a risk when related his company's beliefs and time will tell if it will hurt him or help him.  However, last time I checked, Chick-fil-A still had a line of cars around its drive thru.


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