Li'l Wranglers Event Draws Big Crowd

When cancer strikes it can devastate a family, especially if it's a child. But an event Friday Night was a chance to celebrate life.
  For the past eight years the American Cancer Society has hosted the "Li'l Wrangler's Roundup" on the site of the Tyler Cattle Baron's Ball. This year it's in New Harmony. East Texas pediatric oncology patients and their families are invited to gather for food, fun, and fellowship; including rides on a ferris wheel, pony painting and music by East Texas' own Lauren Alexander.
  This party is to honor these brave survivors and their families... and give hope to those currently going through cancer treatments. Dru Kolker, the Co-Chairman of the Lil' Wranglers Round-Up sums it up with this. "We want to given them a time when they can just relax, kick back, spend time with their whole family, have a lovely evening at this wonderful setting and really just enjoy themselves."
  The Li'l Wranglers Round-up is not a fundraiser, it is strictly for celebrating the lives of East Texas children who have struggled with cancer. The Cattle Barron's Gala Saturday night is a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.