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06/04/04 - Tyler

An East Texas Woman Helps Guide Nurses

  Dee Miller has not only made her own dream come true, she's helped over a thousand young people accomplish their dreams as well. As Director of Tyler Jr. College's Vocational Nursing Program for twenty-five years, Miller has been teacher, guide, and role model for those wanting to follow in her footsteps.
  Although students always have jobs waiting on them when they graduate, Miller encourages them to pursue more advanced training. She's always told her students that they'd "never be rich as nurses but they'd always have jobs", and that "nursing is not a profession, it's a calling."
  Dee Miller is retiring this year, but she won't have much free time since she's already planning on volunteering for Hospice.
  In so many ways during her life, Dee Miller has been changing our world.

Joan Hallmark, reporting. 

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