Lawsuit Filed Against Family Of Tatum Wreck Victim

He's criminally accused of causing the deaths of  four teenaged girls. Yet now, he's suing one of the girl's mothers for damages he's suffered. Last September, 18 year old David Reid was driving a truck that collided with a car carrying four girls from Tatum. One of them was David's sister, Rachel. Rachel died, along with her friends-- Mackenzie Blalock, Kasey Moraw and Jaicey Robberson.

Well, you can imagine how Robberson's family feels today after learning they face a civil lawsuit filed by David. An initial investigation revealed Reid had been drag racing at 100 miles an hour. He was arrested, along with the man he was allegedly racing that night.  An ammended DPS report indicated Robberson, who was driving the car, contributed to the accident, in part, by not applying her brakes quickly. But the report also was clear that Robberson's car was broadsided by Reid's truck. It's a point of contention in the lawsuit David Reid has filed. He claims Jaicey hit the front end of his vehicle, causing him serious injury. The victims' families are not all that suprised... but angry just the same. "(I'm)angry, very angry," says Allen Russom, Kasey Moraw's step-father. "I'm angry at the Reid family. I think it's ridiculous to file a lawsuit against these kids, against Jaicey."

We attempted to contact David Reid's attorney today. That office did not return our calls. Reid and the other person arrested, Karl Cullens, are each charged with 4 counts of manslaughter and 4 counts of racing on the highway.