Why's It Taking So Long To Get Power

Sue Rivers has been taking calls from people without power for 4 days straight.

"Its just been continuous," she says.

Every caller asks the same question.

"They ask when will it be on," she says.

Unfortunately for Sue, she can only give these desperate customers one answer.

"We'll tell them were doing the best we can."

The crews are working hard and long.

"I haven't gotten a lot of sleep," says Chuck Bucum who has been working day and night since Tuesday to restore your power. He says the reason its taken so long is because replacing broken poles and lines can take hours and requires a lot of man power. Plus, the damage is everywhere.

"Every corner there are trees down and lines down," says Chuck.

Now that the wind and rain has stopped The Wood County Electric Co-op has been able to work faster to restore the downed lines, but some neighborhoods could still be out for a while, because restoring power is a process.

Robert Norman isolates the power outages across the region on computer. He's says they try to fix the places with most people in need first.

"If we can get 500 on by closing one breaker we'll do that but we may pass up one to get the 500 first," he says.

But eventually he says everyone will get their electricity turned back on because his crews of more than 50 men won't stop working until you're out of the dark and back in the light.