Local Company Helps "Cool" East Texas

It's not just the power companies that have been busy over the last few days. Many companies that supply generators and other products have been swamped.

One local business that sales dry ice, has seen their cold product become a hot commodity. The phones have been ringing off the hook at The Dry Ice Co. in Tyler over the last few days.

"It was a mad house, we had people in and out and the phones were going crazy," said General Manger Cindy Skrobarcek.

Since the power went out Tuesday night, their product has been in high demand.

"The electric companies were telling people 'You're going to be down for 2 to 3 days', so people were already looking for dry ice then," she said.

A case of dry ice the company stocks holds about 2,000 pounds of the product, which usually takes about a week for the company to go through, but they've gone through three of the cases in just the last two days which Skrobarcek said has kept everyone busy.

"Our suppliers in Dallas, they were just as inundated with calls as we were in Tyler, they were also in short supply," she said. "We had to wait until their deliveries were in, until we could get our deliveries here."

That short supply meant customers had to be limited to just 25 pounds of ice, but for folks like John Cullon of Chandler, who's been without power since Tuesday night, something is better than nothing.

"We just bought a bunch of meat and stuff at the Brookshires in Chandler, and I hate to lose it," he said "It's a little more expensive than the (regular) ice, but it works."

Even with the cold stuff selling out, the company has kept a warm heart.

"It is good for business, but you do feel sorry for all of those without power," Skrobarcek said.

The dry ice company said Halloween is just about the only other time their sales even comes close to what they are this week. If you're wondering how much the stuff costs, a 25 pound block will set you back about 20 bucks. That's enough to cover most household needs for a couple of days.

Chris Gibson, reporting