Powerless Residents Looking for Answers

Some residents, still without power, say the lack of power is one thing, but they're getting even more angry with the lack of communication from Electric Companies.

"They apologize and thank me for my call...that's it," said Glenda Shelton after calling her Electric provider and hearing an automated answering machine. She's been without power and calling since Wednesday night.

Like thousands of others in East Texas, she has had to do without the luxury of things like air conditioning, lights, a refrigerator, or television. But that hasn't made her as angry as something else.

"The lack of communication, that's what frustrates me the most. I realize that storms happen but I would like for someone to get on the phone and talk to me."

A blown transformer has left Shelton and five of her neighbors without electricity and after two days of asking for answers they are angry."I've talked to the Public Utilities Commission today and filed a complaint with them. They said they've had many and everybody's just like me- they want to talk to somebody."

Across town, Charlotte Pearson and her family also have questions. "You can't call Customer Service and get any information. They don't tell you what happened, when it happened, or how long it's going to take to repair it," said Pearson.

She says she and her husband have two children at home, which makes having answers to those questions becomes even more important.

"Do we go stay in a hotel or are we going to be out for three or four days, or is it going to be over night. We need to know that."

Shelton echos that sentiment. "I guarantee you, if I hadn't paid my bill, somebody would be out here talking to me or turning off my electricity."

For now, people like Pearson are still in the dark about when they can expect to turn the lights on again.

Reported by: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com