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The hunt is on after simple traffic stop

Sawyer Lacaze (Source: Wood County Sheriff) Sawyer Lacaze (Source: Wood County Sheriff)

Happy Thursday, everybody! Hope it's going great for you.

Here's some of what we're working on for you in the KLTV newsroom this afternoon:

The hunt is on for a young man authorities say injured a DPS trooper during a traffic stop, and then made a run for it. Right now, authorities believe the suspect is hiding in the woods near where the traffic stop was made. KLTV's Jamey Boyum will show you at 5 that Trooper Brandon Love got into a scuffle with 20-year-old Sawyer Lacaze in Gilmer when Lacaze dropped a bag of something suspicious on the ground. Events continued to escalate from there.

While working in your yard this summer, you may have stumbled upon a slithery guest. Snakes are out in full force right now, and while they can be scary, you may not want to kill them out of hand. KLTV's Samantha Jordan will introduce you at 5 to a herpetological humorist who will explain why.

At 6, we'll tell you about a gruesome situation in Longview. Near a restaurant and other businesses, a customer discovered a dead body near the parking lot when he walked outside after his meal. Our Taylor Hemness spoke with the man who found the body, and we'll share more on that at 6.

And our Melanie Torre will update you at 6 about Lon Morris College and the plans they have to offer certain classes on August 29, just on a smaller scale. We'll tell you how small in just a bit.


And on the web,  the Lufkin zoo boasts birth of lion cub! Read more about it here.

We'll see you soon!

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KLTV Community Web Producer

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